2 Indo-Canadians men injured with gunshot wound recovering at Surrey Memorial

Surrey: Two Indo-Canadian Surrey men are recovery at the Surrey Memorial hospital after being shot early Saturday morning.

Surrey RCMP was called to the Surrey Memorial’s emergency department after two men arrived with gunshot wounds.

30 and 36 years old, South Asian men were shot somewhere on 128th street and 88th Ave in Surrey says Corp. Bert Paquet with RCMP.

One man was shot in the right arm and other was shot 3 times in the leg says Corp. Paquet . Both are recovering from non-life threatening injury.

“So far police have very little information other than these men were shot about 6am in the morning on January 17th.   The victims state they were driving around with people and would not say with whom.  The victims allege they were shot from inside a silver colored SUV and could not provide any description of the suspect,” says corp. Paquet.

Both victims are known to the police says Corp. Paquet.

The victims are not saying anything or not remembering anything says the police.

The police are asking anyone with information to contact the Surrey RCMP at 604-599-0502.