Priyanka Chopra to star in pilot of ABC’s ‘Quantico’

Washington: Bollywood star Priyanka Chopra has been cast in ABC’s drama pilot ‘Quantico.’

Eexecutive produced by Mark Gordon, Josh Safran and Nick Pepper, the show centers on a group of young FBI recruits, all with specific reasons for joining, who battle their way through training at the Quantico base in Virginia, reported.

The 32-year-old actress-singer and former Miss World will play the role of a brilliant but haunted FBI trainee named Alex Weaver, whose past resurfaces soon after her arrival at Quantico. (ANI)

Punjab police seize heroin worth millions

New Delhi:Punjab police have seized 50 kilograms of heroin worth Rs 250 crore in international market and produced three accused in the court.

Sleuths of counter intelligence wing of the police also seized 250 grams opium, a pistol and two motorcycles.

The accused have been identified as Angrez Singh, Raja Singh and Joginder Singh, who are farmers.

“We have recovered 50 kilograms of heroin, 250 grams opium and a pistol. We have arrested three smugglers Angrez Singh, Raja Singh and Joginder Singh,” said inspector G.P.S Niagara.

He added that the drugs were smuggled from Pakistan. The accused have been sent to three-day police remand. (ANI)

Calgary and Edmonton housing markets ‘hammered’ in January

Calgary and Edmonton housing markets were “hammered” in January, says the Conference Board of Canada.

A report, by senior economist Robin Wiebe, released on Thursday, said the seasonally-adjusted annual rate of sales fell by 23.9 per cent on a monthly basis in Calgary to 20,100 and by 9.8 per cent in Edmonton to 15,372. Continue reading Calgary and Edmonton housing markets ‘hammered’ in January

‘My fiancee’s family drugged me then watched me collapse at the altar so she could marry another man’: Groom

By Taniya Dutta

A jilted groom who passed out at his wedding only to find his fiancee married to another when he came round two hours later has accused her of feeding him sweets laced with sedatives.

Jugal Kishore, 25, from Uttar Predesh province, India, claims bride Indiravati, 23, drugged him in order to marry her secret sweetheart and humiliate his family. Continue reading ‘My fiancee’s family drugged me then watched me collapse at the altar so she could marry another man’: Groom

Scoffee is KFC’s new edible coffee cup

KFC’s edible coffee cup isn’t made of chicken, but we wouldn’t put that past them

By Elliot Hannon, Slate

I’m reluctant to write about the fact that KFC has apparently disrupted the fast-food industry with an edible coffee cup. The primary reason for this is it seems like the type of story, found on the ficklest Internet promenades, that exists only to make people (me) feel stupid for believing it in the first place. It’s like China’s the People’s Daily reporting (seriously) on the Onion for declaring Kim Jong-un the sexiest man alive—just with an extra whiff of willful Uproxxian indifference to the truth.

With that said, and the general disclaimer that you probably shouldn’t be buying coffee from a fried-chicken joint no matter the circumstance, KFC appears to have shocked the world with its ice cream cone–like reinvention of the tired old (cardboard) coffee cup. The breakout product from the colonel is named the “Scoff-ee Cup.” Try to get past it.

The new coffee cone is “made from biscuit, wrapped in sugar paper and then lined with a layer of heat-resistant white chocolate to keep the coffee hot and the cup crispy,” according to the Telegraph. The edible cups are also infused with different aromas including: coconut sun cream, freshly cut grass, and wild flowers. They’re obviously still working out some of the kinks.

Before you alter your morning routine to add a couple hundred extra daily calories, the Scoff-ee Cup is still only in the trial stage and is slated to hit KFC outlets in the U.K., which is now apparently more American than America.

Continue reading Scoffee is KFC’s new edible coffee cup