No progress in comatose Bobbi Kristina Brown’s condition

Washington: Bobbi Kristina Brown has not recovered at all and is still very much in coma with no signs of improvement.

According to the family sources, stories that Brown is being taken out of her coma are false, and the only change in treatment is that doctors have tried weaning her off certain meds to see if she might react but she didn’t, reported.

The insiders said that though there were signs of organ deterioration, Whitney Houston’s daughter is still in the same, unresponsive condition she’s been in since a few days after the accident.

The doctors had performed tracheotomy not because she was improving, but because it was just a standard operating procedure when a patient might linger in a comatose state for a long period of time.

She could be in the state for a long time, and it would ultimately up to her father Bobby Brown to decide how long she lives like that. (ANI)