Plan your getaway with a winter travel checklist

(NC) Winter travelling can be hectic and chaotic so for peace of mind, do take the time to develop some clever strategies before departing. With weather delays, heavier crowds and increased airline fares, it’s important to be organized.

To help ease the stress of planning for your annual vacation, Susan Misner, co-founder of the popular financial blog, Golden Girl Finance, shares her three essential tips to ensure a worry free trip:

  1. Be strategic about booking –The cost of flights can add up quickly. Knowing when to purchase your ticket and when to depart are key ways to reduce your ticket price. Experts suggest booking between 55-80 days before your departure date to get the best prices.
  2. Make sure you’re covered for mishaps – 80 per cent of Canadians cite lost or delayed luggage as one of the most frustrating things to happen while on vacation and 78 per cent have been frustrated by cancelled or delayed flights. Although most believe the airline will reimburse them, it’s typically not the case. Purchasing travel insurance can help cover you for trip delay and baggage loss/delay.
  3. Make airport security a breeze –Arrive with plenty of time to spare and don’t over pack – stick to the essentials only. A general rule is to arrive at least 90 minutes before your flight is scheduled to depart; keeping in mind this should be even earlier during busy holidays or long-haul international flights. Have your travel documents in an easy-to-reach place and separate all liquid and gels into a separate baggie in your carry-on before evening arriving at the airport.

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