Apple-1 computer fetches $905K at auction

One of the earliest Apple-1 computers was sold at an auction recently, where it fetched 905,000 dollars, making it the most expensive Apple computer ever.

Sold at Bonham’s History of Science auction in New York to The Henry Ford museum complex in Dearborn, Mich, the computer was bought at 750,000 dollars and adding the buyer’s commission, it’s total price amounted to 905,000 dollars, the Fox News reported.

Patricia Mooradian, president of The Henry Ford, which has 26 million items in its collection, said that the computer was very crucial for their collection since it was very rare and focused on great American traditions like “innovation, ingenuity, and resourcefulness.”

The device was one of the first 50 Apple computers to be made by the company’s co-founder Steve Wozniak in 1976, and the Apple-1 which was sold in 2013 at an auction in Germany had made a little fewer than 672,000 dollars.

As per the Apple-1 Registry, there were only 63 surviving authentic Apple-1’s, out of which only 15 are believed to have been successfully operated since 2000.

The computer was sold by John Anderson, founder of the AppleSiders Apple user group in Cinncinati. (ANI)

Now, suitcase that you can ride to catch your flight

Washington: There’s a new suitcase in the market called Olaf, which features a foot-powered scooter board that enables people to ride it.

Slovenian frequent flier and creator of the bags, Bostjan Zagar told the CNN, that he got the idea came from the fact that when people had to catch their next connection flight in three minutes and the gate was on the other side, they needed something to move at a faster pace than walking, the CNN reported.

After three years of testing, Zagar, who thinks himself to be a “hardcore engineering guy,” has raised investment in his concept through the Kickstarter funding platform Olaf, which is ready to hit the markets, and comes in three models: Business, Urban and a flexible version that can carry a variety of bags.

All three bags feature wheel based suitcase-style collapsible handles that can double up as a hand trolleys, and are fitted with brakes. (ANI)