Wi-Fi coming to Highway 16 rest area near Mt. Terry Fox

Free, public Wi-Fi will soon be installed at the Highway 16 Mt. Terry Fox rest area six kilometres east of Tete Jaune, thanks to a partnership between the Province, TELUS and ICBC, announced MLA for Prince George-Valemount, Shirley Bond. Approximately 81% of B.C.’s 177 rest areas are wheelchair accessible and  72% are open year-round.

“This is not only about providing important support for travellers and commercial truck drivers, it also demonstrates this government’s commitment to improving safety, comfort and convenience at rest areas throughout the province and this kind of connectivity is an important part of that,” said Bond. “This rest area, along with the other four locations that we announced, demonstrates that partnerships like this one with TELUS and ICBC deliver valuable services to British Columbians.”

In total, 25 rest areas throughout the province will have Wi-Fi installed. The following rest areas will have Wi-Fi installed by the spring of 2017, with the additional 20 sites being delivered in the coming years.

  • Britton Creek   Hwy 5 – 67km south of Merritt
  • Mt Terry Fox    Hwy 16 – 6km east of Tete Jaune
  • Galena Bay      Hwy 23 – 49km north of Nakusp
  • Glacier View    Hwy 16 – 7km north of Smithers
  • Taylor River     Hwy 4 – 37km west of Port Alberni

Travellers will be able to identify which rest areas have Wi-Fi by the Wi-Fi graphic on the rest area sign. For an example of what the signs look like, click here: https://flic.kr/p/M5eykS or here: https://flic.kr/p/M5ey8Y

The expansion of public Wi-Fi at rest stops illustrates that technology and innovation supports a wide range of industries throughout British Columbia. Helping businesses such as commercial trucking companies grow is an important part of the #BCTECH Strategy and a key component of the BC Jobs Plan to strengthen British Columbia’s diverse innovation economy.

As part of B.C. on the Move, the province’s 10-year transportation strategy, the ministry is committed to delivering up to 30 rest-area improvement projects per year.

Canada on U.S. Mission to Woo Foreign-Born Tech Entrepreneurs

By Alistair MacDonald

Canadian Immigration Minister Jason Kenney crossed the U.S. border Friday on a raiding mission: to steal foreign-born tech entrepreneurs from the U.S.

Mr. Kenney is slated to arrive in the San Francisco area to attend a trade fair at which he intends to personally pitch Canada to foreign-born entrepreneurs looking to start tech businesses. The idea is to steal them away from the U.S.

“Our message to them is if you want to do your start up in North America… you are more than welcome to come up here,” Mr. Kenney told Canada Real Time.

Last month Canada launched a “Startup Visa” that, Mr. Kenney says, is partly aimed at poaching foreign talent from the U.S. The visa makes it easier for foreign entrepreneurs to stay in Canada by, for instance, giving foreigner entrepreneurs automatic permanent residence status.

Some U.S. businesses and law makers have complained that Washington makes it too hard for foreign entrepreneurs to get visas that would allow them to stay and start businesses in the U.S.

Mr. Kenney aims to capitalize on that in his four-day trip, pitching tech experts in the Bay area, an “obvious market upon which to draw.”

“We are being shameless about this,” he said, adding that he should perhaps walk around this weekend’s TiCON trade show in Santa Clara with a Canadian flag. The two-day conference is run by a group of Silicon Valley-based executives and is aimed at tech start-ups among others. While in California, Mr. Kenney will also be meeting with executives from major tech companies and speaking to students from Stanford University.

Mr. Kenney said that Canadians are known for being modest and reserved, characteristics he intends to “throw to the wind” while in the U.S. The Canadian government has also erected a large billboard on a local highway making its pitch.

In recent months Canada has overhauled its immigration system as it looks to beat down huge backlog of applications and address an increasing pay gap between native born Canadians and new waves of immigrants.

Apple launches iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus in India

Bangalore/Kolkata/Mumbai, Oct.17 (ANI): Apple Inc unveiled its eagerly awaited new iPhone series in India on Friday, drawing an amazing response, as Apple fans gathered outside retails stores across the country to buy the new smartphones.

Apple began the sale of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus at midnight for the first time in India, in line with the practice it follows elsewhere.

The launch in India came nearly a month after the global launch of the latest version of the iconic phones.

Both iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are available in 16GB, 64GB and 128GB variants. While iPhone 6 has 4.7-inch screen, the iPhone 6 Plus comes for 5.5-inch screen.


Industry watchers have said increasing the iPhone’s screen size from 4 inches would help Apple regain market share from competitors such as Samsung Electronics Co Ltd, who they say have responded to consumer desire for more screen size.

Apple says with the new smartphones, it is not just a bigger display but a better display.


The 16GB iPhone 6 model is priced at rupees 53,500 (USD 868), with the 64GB version priced at rupees 62,500 (USD 1014)) and the 128GB variant available at rupees 71,500 (USD 1160). Whereas iPhone 6 Plus is priced at rupees 62,500 for the 16GB model, the 64GB is priced at rupees 71,500 and 128GB variant is
available for rupees 80,500 (USD 1306).

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Google offers artificial personal assistant for users ready to give up personal info

Washington, Oct 17 (ANI): Tech giant Google has said that it can create an artificial personal assistant for users, if they agree to give up more and more of your personal information

Google’s Chairman, Eric Schmidt said that technology like Google will guide people to better, smarter decisions.

He added that the evolution of Google is to go from you asking Google what to search for, to Google helping you anticipate, to make you smarter, and

Like any good personal assistant, Google needs to know everything about you. The search giant keeps track of what sites you visit, what you search, and who you email.

Schmidt points out that you can change your Google privacy settings to share less information, and anything you do share remains between you and Google.

However, the company doesn’t sell specific information about you to third party advertisers, though Google does anonymously share some more general information about you that allows companies to tailor ads, the report said.

Apple has no plans to introduce Touch-screen Macs, says Craig Federighi

Washington, Oct 17 (ANI): Apple senior vice president of software engineering, Craig Federighi said that introducing Macbooks with touch screens is something Apple has no plans to do.

Federighi said that they don’t think it’s the right interface, honestly, Mac is sort of a sit-down experience.

He added that it’s awkward and uncomfortable to sit at a desk and continuously reach forward to touch a computer screen. It’s not like an iPad or iPhone that you hold in your hands and use in a very relaxed position, CNET reported.

He further added that they’ve really focused on building the best track pads we can, something where it feels your posture’s relaxed, it’s a comfortable machine to use, and of course, over the years we’ve experimented with all the technology, but we found it just wasn’t good. We’re not all that interested in building one.