Canadian Rockies Routes

There are lots of possible journeys, but only one possible response: Wow. No matter which trip you choose, we guarantee you’ll sit nose pressed to the window as our knowledgeable Rocky Mountaineer Hosts offer fascinating live storytelling. (Oh and rest assured, we clean the windows thoroughly after each and every trip).

The Kootenay Rockies is a pristine region of rivers, lakes, waterfalls, beaches, mineral hot springs, alpine meadows and snow-capped mountains. Continue reading Canadian Rockies Routes

Romancing the Rails

By Georgette Moger

These ten ultra-luxe train journeys, perfectly timed for the fall and winter seasons, revive the golden age of rail travel.

Compared to the standards of today’s inelegant travel—tedious tarmac delays, precision pours of liquid toiletries, barefoot shuffling into security stations—the old style of rail travel seems impossibly blissful. Continue reading Romancing the Rails