Some federal laws police and spies can use to fight extremism

The Canadian Press

OTTAWA – Some federal laws police and spy agencies can use to fight extremism:

Anti-Terrorism Act: Significant changes passed following the 9-11 attacks. Defines terrorism, provides for listing of terrorist entities, spells out penalties for taking part in, facilitating, financing terrorism. Strengthens security of information law.

Investigative hearings: Police can ask judge to have someone with information relevant to investigation of past or future terrorist act appear before court and answer questions.

Recognizance with conditions: Police can seek order for court appearance of someone suspected of planning terrorist attack. Judge then considers whether to impose restrictions on the person.

Leaving Canada to commit terrorism offence: Criminalizes going abroad to receive terrorist training, take part in extremism, or facilitate terrorism.

Security certificate: Immigration tool for detaining and deporting non-citizens deemed security threats.

(Public Safety Canada, Justice Canada)