The annual tradition of the New Year’s Baby

VICTORIA - The annual tradition of the New Year's Baby is always of 
interest to media and the public. 
It symbolizes the start of the New Year and represents the first of the 
nearly 44,000 babies that are expected to be born in British Columbia 
in 2015.
This is a special time for mother, baby and their loved ones - and we 
ask that media follow the following protocols: 
* Watch the government Twitter account @BCGovNews at 8 a.m. on Jan. 1
for information on the first birth in B.C.
* Once the announcement has been made, media can contact the health 
authority where the first baby of the New Year is born, through the 
contact details below after 8 a.m.
* If you would like more information regarding the first baby born in 
your region, please contact your local health authority's contact 
(listed below).
* Please do not contact local maternity wards for birth information, as 
they need to spend their time caring for mothers and newborns. The 
local health authority will consider organizing a limited media 
availability for the mother and baby, with the family's permission. 
Please respect the wishes of the family, as newly delivered moms and 
babies need their rest.
 Event Date: Thursday, Jan. 1, 2015
 Time: 8 a.m.
 Location: B.C. government Twitter account @BCGovNews