Volunteers needed to lend a hand at tax time

Vancouver, British Columbia: The Canada Revenue Agency’s (CRA) Community Volunteer Income Tax Program (CVITP) is celebrating 45 years of helping individuals prepare their income tax and benefit returns. CVITP volunteers help complete more than half a million tax returns every year for modest-income Canadians and those on fixed incomes, whose financial situation is unchanged year-to-year.

We are once again seeking community organizations to host tax preparation clinics in communities throughout British Columbia (B.C.). To volunteer, individuals must be willing to work with their local community organization and have a basic understanding of income tax.

Community organizations and their volunteers have offered free tax preparation clinics in various locations including, schools, churches, seniors’ residences, and nursing homes. Community organizations find the CVITP an excellent way to reach out to seniors, students and newcomers to Canada, by helping to complete tax returns for those with modest incomes and simple tax situations.

“The program relies on the commitment of community organizations to host tax clinics, and their volunteers who, as members of the community, have volunteered their time and effort to help others,” says Zubie Vuurens, CRA CVITP Coordinator. “Helping members of your community prepare and file their tax returns, ensures these individuals receive the benefits and credits they’re entitled to without interruptions.”

Last year, 2,621 volunteers and 436 community organizations in B.C. and Yukon helped 109,713 people prepare and file their returns.

The CRA offers free training and tax preparation software to community organizations and their volunteers. Training sessions start in January 2016. For more information, please call 1-888-805-6662, or visit our website at www.cra.gc.ca/volunteer.