Your Health Treatment Journey: Have Your Say

(NC) Alex is a 54-year old electrician. Five years ago his doctor told him he had high cholesterol. Despite initial efforts to get his health back on track through diet and exercise, Alex’s doctor eventually prescribed him a brand-name medicine that aimed to lower the bad cholesterol and raise the good cholesterol in his blood.

Like many other Canadians, Alex also takes a few other prescription medicines for some common chronic ailments including high blood pressure and migraines. Alex has taken the same brand name drugs that he’s become familiar with for years and they seem to work well for him.

Alex knows that sometimes when a generic version of a brand name medicine becomes available, it is not uncommon for some patients to be switched to the cheaper, generic alternative.

“I have a long history taking certain prescription medications and I’m happy with how they work for me,” says Alex. “I don’t want to be switching to something new or taking a generic drug at this point. I say, “if it isn’t broke why fix it?”

Many Canadians are often switched to cheaper generic alternatives in an effort to save money. Now the patient choice drug card called RxHelp ONE™ allows customers 34 different brand name prescription medicines at little or no additional cost versus the generic alternative.

Like Alex, fellow Canadians simply need to visit to print their own free RxHelp ONE™ card or download the card to their smartphone. The RxHelp ONE™ card is free, convenient and easy to use. For a complete listing that is regularly updated with participating brand name medicines, visit

RxHelp ONE™ is available to all Canadians from coast to coast, including those with no drug plan, with private insurance, and/or with public drug coverage. Cards are free of charge; there are no hidden fees, no monthly charges and patient privacy is protected.

“If you’re like me, and you want to continue being treated with the brand you trust, get yourself an RxHelp ONE™ card and tell your pharmacist you’re choosing to stay on the brand name drug you’ve been using all along,” advises Alex.

Visit for more information.