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Labour Day Travel Tips for the Road

Vancouver, BC – The last long weekend before students head back to school is almost here! Labour Day weekend is one of the busiest times of the year for British Columbia highways. Sadly, an average of 4 people are killed this weekend every year on our roads, and several hundred people injured. ICBC says they typically see two thousand car crashes on Labour Day weekends. Your BBB has plenty of safety tips to keep in mind if you’re heading out for one final summer getaway.

“We at BBB do our best all year to protect the wallets of British Columbians and promote trust in the marketplace,” says Evan Kelly, Senior Communications Advisor for BBB serving Mainland BC. “We also like to do our part when it comes to keeping them safe on the road too!”

The BBB provides the following safety tips for traveling:

• Create a car safety kit. Basics for the kit include: a blanket, flashlight with extra batteries, radio, first aid kit, jumper cables, non-perishable foods like granola bars and nuts, bottled water, family medicine and emergency telephone numbers.
• Take the car in for a checkup. If your car is due for a checkup, take it in before making that long haul. At the very least, check the car’s fluid levels, wipers and tire pressure and tread.
• Know the weather. Check local websites for traveling information for states you may be traveling through to allow extra time for bad weather.
• Check your gadgets. Charge your cell phone and make sure your GPS is running properly.
• Get some rest. Tired drivers are a hazard to themselves, those in their vehicle and often fatal or devastating mistakes can be made to other drivers on the road.

On The Road:

• Buckle up. Make sure everyone is properly buckled up and that young children are in age appropriate safety seats, and are properly secured.
• Remember the rules of the road. Don’t tailgate and remember the three-second rule when following vehicles. Don’t rely just on mirrors when changing lanes; turn around to check your blind spot. Obey all traffic signals.
• Watch your speed. Law enforcement will be out to ensure everyone is obeying all speed limits and laws.
• Don’t drink and drive.
• Don’t text and drive. When behind the wheel, pull over if you have to do anything that would take your full concentration off of driving.

Get The Most From Your Gas:

• Monitor your speed. Stay within posted speed limits – gas mileage decreases at speeds above 100 kms per hour.
• Don’t frequently start and stop. Improve your mileage up to 5% by avoiding quick starts and stops.
• Avoid unnecessary idling. Turn off the engine if you anticipate a wait.
• Make the most of highway time. Use overdrive gears or cruise control when appropriate to improve highway fuel economy.
• Don’t carry extra weight. Remove items from your trunk; an extra 100 pounds can reduce fuel economy by up to 2%. Remove items on top of your car; wind resistance reduces fuel economy by 5%.

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