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Wedding Vendors & Brides Beware

By Sharon Kawano

Unknown to many wedding vendors, but as of May 1st, 2015 all decorators and wedding vendors are now being charged a fee of $1.00 per person to conduct business at the following Banquet Halls in Surrey:
Aria Banquet Hall
Bollywood Banquet Hall
Bombay Banquet Hall
Crown Palace Banquet Hall
Dhaliwal Banquet Hall
Fraserview Banquet Hall
Grand Taj Banquet Hall
India Banquet Hall
Maharaja Catering & Banquet Hall
Mirage Banquet Hall
Paradise Banquet Hall
Punjab Banquet Hall
Riverside Banquet Hall
Royal King Palace

We WERE NOT aware of any of these fees prior to the wedding we decorated yesterday. The bride had booked with Mirage Banquet Hall well over a year ago. There were no fees mentioned in her contract nor was it mentioned to myself or the bride’s wedding planner at any time during their past visits or communications. Last night, when we returned to the venue to dismantle/takedown our decorations, the manager of Mirage Banquet Hall (Narinder) demanded that we pay him $300. That was literally the very first time we were told about any such fee we had to pay!!

And this is happening over and over and over again to many other decorators, DJ’s and wedding vendors across Surrey!

These new fees have been initiated by the so-called “BC Banquet Hall Association”, a non-existent organization with no website or number that can be found online. I am a small decor company (200max guest events) and mainly setup at hotels, golf courses or country clubs. However, I feel horrible for the Indian decorating companies that cater to 600+ events and rely heavily on these banquet halls for business. Most of these decorators are forced to either increase their pricing to their brides, pay the fee, or they will be banned from decorating at these halls. And many are terrified to stand up to them or speak up in fear of it.

Unfortunately due to these new fees, we are now simply refusing to setup and provide linens & decor for any of these Indian halls in the future. Who’s to say this “association” won’t charge us $2, or $3, or even $5 next year? I rather avoid all the drama and politics, than be a part of it. This type of mafia-mentality is absolutely unethical, immoral and corrupt. We have decorated many different venues, and have had nothing but professional and pleasant treatment by the managers & staff. But the way we were treated & harassed at this particular hall last night was simply disgusting and shameful.

Not Impressed,
Sharon Kawano

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